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Tax Facts is issued bi-monthly and explores leading fiscal and tax policy issues currently of interest to the public, General Assembly, the executive branch or the state's local governments. The publication attempts to add context to the debate and a better understanding of the policy options under consideration.

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Tax Facts

January/February 2015 Tax Facts (68.1)
  • 2014 Legislative Synopsis by Nancy Dollison
  • Illinois Use Tax Collection: One Small Step, But in Which Direction? by Carol Portman 

November/December 2014 Tax Facts (67.7)
  • Revisiting Exclusion of Retirement Income from the Illinois Income Tax Base by Dr. Natalie Davila 
  • Recent Illinois Income & Sales Tax Case Summaries by David Kupiec and Natalie Martin

September/October 2014 Tax Facts (67.6)
  • Just the Facts: How Does School Funding in Illinois Compare? by Rob Ross
  • Excerpt of Fixing Illinois: Politics and Policy in the Prairie State by Jim Nowlan Tom Johnson

Summer 2014 Tax Facts (67.5)
  • Homestead Exemptions: Confusing, Complicated and Costly by Kara Moretto 
  • Property Tax Update by David Suess

April/May 2014 Tax Facts (67.4)
  • Graduated Income Tax Viewed From a Tax Policy Perspective, by Dr. Natalie Davila
  • Does Illinois Have a Revenue Problem or a Spending Problem, by Mike Klemens
  • Taxable Property Values Decline for a Record Third Consecutive Year, by Mike Klemens 

March 2014 Tax Facts (67.3)
  • Probing Beneath the Surface: Understanding Why So Many Corporations Do Not Pay Illinois Corporate Income Tax by Dr. Natalie Davila  

February 2014 Tax Facts (67.2)
  • Illinois Tax Expenditures: Lots More Than Tax Incentives by Rob Ross
  • Illinois' Net Operating Loss Primer: Matching Taxation to the Business Cycle by Rob Ross

January 2014 Tax Facts (67.1)
  • 2013 Legislative Synopsis by Nancy Dollison 

November/December 2013 Tax Facts (66.5)
  • Illinois' Franchise Tax: An Archaic Outlier by Robert Ross
  • Fund Transfers: Hidden State Spending by Kurt Fowler and Tom Johnson

September/October 2013 Tax Facts (66.4)
  • Illinois' Relative Tax Burden Jumps After the 2011 Income Tax Rate Increases, by Kurt Fowler and Mike Klemens
  • Illinois Education Expense Credit, by Sonia Vasdev and Mike Klemens 

Summer 2013 Tax Facts (66.3)
  •  A Business Income Tax Primer by Sonia Vasdev and Mike Klemens
  • Effective Tax Rates for 89 Illinois Communities by Sonia Vasdev and Mike Klemens

March/April 2013 Tax Facts (66.2)
  • The Seven Percent Solution Falls Victim to the Real Estate Crash by Sonia Vasdev and Mike Klemens
  • Promote Economic Growth to Deal with Five Alarming Trends: A Proposal from Doug Whitley

January/February 2013 Tax Facts (66.1)
  • 2012 Legislative Synopsis by Scott Selinger
  • 2012 Election Recap by Scott Selinger 

November/December 2012 Tax Facts (65.5)
  •  Illinois' Personal Property Replacement Tax Boosts Business Tax Rates by Kurt Fowler
  • Federal Medical Assistance Plan (FMAP)...Is Illinois Treated Fairly? by Nana Mkheidze

July/August 2012 Tax Facts (65.4)
  • Another View of Crowding Out by Kurt Fowler
  • State Examples: What Illinois Can Learn from Other States' Pension Reform by Miranda Cherkas 

May/June 2012 Tax Facts (65.3)
  • Why Ignore Over Half of the Illinois State Budget Picture? Consolidation of General and Special Fund Reporting by Richard Dye, Nancy Hudspeth and David Merriman

March/April 2012 Tax Facts (65.2)
  • 2011 Legislative Synopsis - A Look Back by Scott Selinger

January/February 2012 Tax Facts (65.1)
  • Leading Illinois Court Tax Decisions, 2009-2011 by Mark Rotatori and Morgan Hirst

November/December 2011 Tax Facts (64.6)
  • State Government: A Major Funder of Local Governments by Kurt Fowler
  • Funding Local Government: Illinois' Largest Revenue Sharing Programs by Joe Sculley

September/October 2011 Tax Facts (64.5)
  • Crowding Out: Servicing Illinois' Pension Debt by Thom Walstrum
  • Senate Bill 512: Restructuring Pensions for Current Employees by Kirsten Carroll

July/August 2011 Tax Facts (64.4)
  • Effective Property Tax Rates for 89 Illinois Communities by Kurt Fowler
  • Homestead Exemptions: Reducing Taxable EAV, Increasing the Property Tax Rate by Joe Sculley

May/June 2011 Tax Facts (64.3)
  • Illinois Tax Burdens: Where do Illinois Taxes Come from and Who Pays? by Joe Sculley

March/April 2011 Tax Facts (64.2)
  • Illinois Now a High Tax State by Jim Nowlan and Ryan Aprill
  • Government Jobs Pay Better than in Private Sector by Jim Nowlan
  • Does Illinois Employ Too Few Government Workers and Spend Too Little Money by Jim Nowlan

January/February 2011 Tax Facts (64.1)
  • 2010 Legislative Synopsis by Scott Selinger
  • 2010 Election Review by Scott Selinger

October 2010 Tax Facts (63.5)
  • Is Taxing Food All That Regressive by Ryan Aprill
  • Illinois Lags Nation in Job and Income Growth for Decate by James Nowlan and Ryan Aprill

August 2010 Tax Facts (63.4)
  • Tough on Taxpayers: High Costs of Corrections by Mary Ann Dyar

June 2010 Tax Facts (63.3)
  • General State Aid for Education - Time for an Overhaul Part 2 by Ted Dabrowski

April 2010 Tax Facts (63.2)
  • State Funding of Illinois' Education: Let's Clear Things Up Part 1 by Ted Dabrowski
  • How Illinois Tax Foundation Evaluates Comparisons & Rankings by James Nowlan

March 2010 Tax Facts (63.1)
  • Illinois' Fiscal Future is Bleak by Richard F. Dye
  • Governor Quinn's 2011 Fiscal Plan by Tom Johnson

December 2009 Tax Facts (62.5)
  • State of Illinois Retirement Income Tax Policy -- A Review by James Nowlan
  • 2009 Legislative Synopsis by David Eldridge

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