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Tax Facts is issued monthly and explores leading fiscal and tax policy issues currently of interest to the public, General Assembly, the executive branch or the state's local governments. The publication attempts to add context to the debate and a better understanding of the policy options under consideration.

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Tax Facts

January 2018 Tax Facts (71.1)
  • Illinois Consequences of Federal Tax Reform
  • The Illinois Income Tax: What Does, and Does Not, Change with Federal Tax Reform, by Carol Portman and Mike Klemens
  • Federal Tax Reform Effects on Individual Illinois Taxpayers, by Maurice Scholten
  • A Deeper Dive: The New $10,000 Limitation on State and Local Taxes Paid, by Maurice Scholten

December 2017 Tax Facts (70.11)
  • 2017 Year in Review, by Maurice Scholten

November 2017 Tax Facts (70.10)
  •  A Fresh Look at Illinois Property Taxes by Mike Klemens

October 2017 Tax Facts (70.9)
  • Illinois Taxation of Retail Sales: A Primer and Some Problems, by Dr. Natalie Davila

September 2017 Tax Facts (70.8)
  • Illinois' PPRT: The Challenge of "Replacing" a Tax, by Mike Klemens
  • Is the PPRT an Income Tax? by Carol Portman

July/August 2017 Tax Facts (70.7)
  •  Costs of Corruption Weigh Heavily on Illinois, by Jim Nowlan

June 2017 Tax Facts (70.6)
  • Tax Refunds in Illinois - Another Outlier, by Carol Portman
  • Assessment Uniformity: Headed Right, Further to Go, by Mike Klemens 

May 2017 Tax Facts (70.5)
  • U.S. Census to Correct Billions in Sales Tax Reporting Error, by Mike Klemens

April 2017 Tax Facts (70.4)
  • Examining the Effects of Increased Homestead Exemptions, by Maurice Scholten

March 2017 Tax Facts (70.3)
  •  Illinois' Earned Income Tax Credit: 2011-2014, by Dr. Natalie Davila
  • The Illinois EITC: Popular, Efficient...and Imperfect, by Mike Klemens
  • Property Tax Update

February 2017 Tax Facts (70.2)
  • Taxing Groceries-Not Necessarily Regressive, by Carol Portman
  • Taxing Retirement Income, by Dr. Natalie Davila
  • Illinois' Franchise Tax-Still an Archaic Outlier, by Dr. Natalie Davila
  • Is it Time for a Service Tax? by Mike Klemens
  • Who Gets the Education Credit? by Mike Klemens
  • Who Really Pays a Tax? by Mike Klemens

January 2017 Tax Facts (70.1)
  • 2016 Year in Review, by Maurice Scholten 

November/December 2016 Tax Facts (69.6)
  • First You Stop Digging: Projections of Illinois' Fiscal Imbalance and Paths to Remedy It, by Richard Dye and David Merriamn
  • About the Fiscal Futures Project Model
  • Rome is Burning, by James Nowlan

September/October 2016 Tax Facts (69.5)
  • Tax Policy, Tax Politics and a Graduated Income Tax, by Mike Klemens
  • Principles of Sound Policy
  • Best Practices in Evaluating State Tax Incentives: What Illinois Can Learn From Other States, by Dr. Natalie Davila

July/August 2016 Tax Facts (69.4)
  • Property Tax Caps in Illinois Through Boom and Bust, by Maurice Scholten
  • PTELL in Brief
  • The PTELL Adjustment: Property Tax Relief Subsidized Through the School Aid Formula, by Mike Klemens
  • TFI's 17th Annual SALT Conference

May/June 2016 Tax Facts (69.3)
  • 75 Years and Counting: A Brief History of the Taxpayers' Federation of Illinois 

March/April 2016 Tax Facts (69.2)
  • Looking More Closely: Who Really Pays Illinois Taxes, by Mike Klemens
  • Legalization of Recreational Marijuana, by Dr. Natalie Davila and Maurice Scholten
  • More Pages from Illinois Illustrated

January/February 2016 Tax Facts (69.1)
  • Who is Leaving Illinois and Why? A Review of Data on Migration Patterns in Illinois, by Natalie Davila, Mike Klemens and Robert Ross
  • 2015 Legislative Review, by Maurice Scholten
  • Illinois General Assembly Calendar
  • TFI Spring Legislative Conference

November/December 2015 Tax Facts (68.6)
  • Who Does--and Doesn't--Pay Corporate Income Tax, by Dr. Natalie Davila
  • Effective Property Tax Rates for 89 Illinois Communities, by Mike Klemens
  • State Corporate Income Tax Apportionment Trends: Market-Based Sourcing, With or Without Statutory Authority, by Rick Strohmaier, Chelsie Nelson, and Chuck Jones
  • What is Income Tax Apportionment? by Maurice Scholten

September/October 2015 Tax Facts (68.5)
  • Homestead Exemptions: Shifting Tax Burden But, Not Cutting Taxes by Mike Klemens
  • How Classification in Cook County Compares with Other States by Mike Klemens

July/August 2015 Tax Facts (68.4)
  • Illinois Assessment Uniformity: Improving Until the Bubble Burst, by Mike Klemens
  • Assessment of Uniformity in Cook County, by Rob Ross
  • Illinois Illustrated: A Visual Guide to Taxes and the Economy

May/June 2015 Tax Facts (68.3)
  • Expanding the Base of Illinois' Sales Tax to Consumer Services will Both Modernize State Tax Policy and Help Stabilize Revenue, by CTBA and TFI
  • With Sales Taxes, Simplest is Not Best, by Robert Ross
  • Taxing Services: The Practical Side, by Carol Portman
  • A Word about Revenue Estimates

March/April 2015 Tax Facts (68.2)
  • Navigating Illinois' State/Local Tax Maze, by Mike Klemens
  • A Discussion of Taxing Consumer Services
  • How to Evaluate Comparisons & Rankings, by Jim Nowlan and Carol Portman
  • TFI 74th Annual Meeting Save the Date 

January/February 2015 Tax Facts (68.1)
  • 2014 Legislative Synopsis by Nancy Dollison
  • Illinois Use Tax Collection: One Small Step, But in Which Direction? by Carol Portman 

November/December 2014 Tax Facts (67.7)
  • Revisiting Exclusion of Retirement Income from the Illinois Income Tax Base by Dr. Natalie Davila 
  • Recent Illinois Income & Sales Tax Case Summaries by David Kupiec and Natalie Martin

September/October 2014 Tax Facts (67.6)
  • Just the Facts: How Does School Funding in Illinois Compare? by Rob Ross
  • Excerpt of Fixing Illinois: Politics and Policy in the Prairie State by Jim Nowlan Tom Johnson

Summer 2014 Tax Facts (67.5)
  • Homestead Exemptions: Confusing, Complicated and Costly by Kara Moretto 
  • Property Tax Update by David Suess

April/May 2014 Tax Facts (67.4)
  • Graduated Income Tax Viewed From a Tax Policy Perspective, by Dr. Natalie Davila
  • Does Illinois Have a Revenue Problem or a Spending Problem, by Mike Klemens
  • Taxable Property Values Decline for a Record Third Consecutive Year, by Mike Klemens 

March 2014 Tax Facts (67.3)
  • Probing Beneath the Surface: Understanding Why So Many Corporations Do Not Pay Illinois Corporate Income Tax by Dr. Natalie Davila  

February 2014 Tax Facts (67.2)
  • Illinois Tax Expenditures: Lots More Than Tax Incentives by Rob Ross
  • Illinois' Net Operating Loss Primer: Matching Taxation to the Business Cycle by Rob Ross

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